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Just For You

866 Rent 2 Own has created a program just for you. Even if your credit is less than perfect, we can get you in a car TODAY!

Your Path To Ownership

The Rent2Own program is loaded with great benefits that make it easy to purchase your own vehicle.

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Build Your Down Payment

If you purchase your vehicle, Rent2Own will apply a significant portion of your rental towards your down payment.
Get FREE credit repair when you Rent2Own. Start improving your credit profile today! Improving your credit profile is an important part of our Rent2Own program.

Repair Your Credit — Free

Get four months of FREE* credit repair when you Rent2Own and start improving your credit profile.

*Optional 2 months of additional credit repair for $99.
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Sample Client Financing Options

Person A pays $16,100 MORE than person C for the same exact car and price! Improving your credit score lowers the interest rate you will be charged saving you thousands of dollars. This same thing happens with your credit cards, mortgage, loans, etc.

Customer C Sub Prime Customer B Near Prime Customer A Prime
Credit Score 530 630 730
Amount Financed $23,000 $23,000 $23,000
Term of Loan 66 months 66 months 66 months
Interest Rate 22.95% 12.95% 2.95%
Payment $622 $492 $378
Total Interest Charges $18,075 $9,448 $1,975
Total of Payments $41,077 $32,451 $24,977
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Rent It. Drive It. Buy It.

The Rent2Own process is fast and easy.

  • Credit Application
      Submit a credit application so we can find the right vehicle for you.
  • Needs Assessment
      Our Rent2Own specialist will work with you to select the vehicle that suits your needs.
  • Proposal
      You’ll receive a proposal to review that details the vehicle and terms for your Rent2Own.
  • Pick up Vehicle
      Once we have agreed upon terms make arrangements to pick up your vehicle.
  • Rental Period
      During the rental period, you will be enrolled in our free credit repair program and will be building your down payment.
  • Conversion
      After the 3-6 month process, we will convert you to traditional financing.
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Multiple Locations

Currently available in Keyport, Neptune, and Windsor, NJ.

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